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Petnostics – If you might inspect your pet’s health and wellness at home, would you?

Urinalysis cup & free app detects pet health and wellness issues

Note: This is a sponsored post.

Petnostics is an economical product that enables dog as well as feline owners to screen their pets’ health and wellness at house between vet visits.

सजिलो छ। You just gather a urine sample utilizing the $10 Petnostics urinalysis cup, screw the lid on as well as scan it utilizing the free Petnostics app on your iphone (also coming soon for Android users!).

It’s a method to potentially save your pet’s life by catching a illness or problem early on, even before symptoms appear, according to Petnostics.com.

My dog as well as two cats are seniors, so I was particularly thinking about the chance to try the product with them. I received a free sample for every pet. I tested my dog Ace as well as my feline Beamer. Both came back as “healthy.”

You may believe it’s difficult to gather urine from a cat, however I just utilized a spoon for Beamer, as suggested here. He could’ve cared less. My second cat, Scout, is one more story (you’re doing what keeping that spoon?!) so I haven’t tested him yet. The company recommends hydrophobic litter, which is designed to keep the urine above the litter so you can gather it easily.

More about the Petnostics app

Petnostics is the very first product released from Scanostics, which was established in 2013 by Stephen Chen.

According to Chen, the company will determine if your dog or feline potentially has any type of number of typical ailments or illness such as:



a kidney stone

a urinary tract infection

He stated Petnostics is meant to be utilized as a supplement to routine vet sees so any type of possible problems can be detected earlier as well as therefore treated at an earlier stage.

“Catching as well as treating an problem earlier on not only leads to much better health and wellness outcomes, however it’s likewise cheaper in terms of veterinary costs,” he said.

Since the Petnostics urinalysis cup is just $10, I like the concept of inspecting my pets every six months or so. perhaps Petnostics might even offer some kind of membership program where the test immediately shows up in the mail regularly. According to its web site, it suggests pet owners inspect their pets monthly.

How Petnostics works

The patented, urine-collection cup has colorimetric chemical strips on the lid that modification colors when used, according to Petnostics.com. when a sample is collected (wear the glove!), you screw the lid on, flip over the cup as well as then return it to upright position. when you introduce the app, it asks you to wait 60 seconds, as well as then scan.

I tried the app on both the iPad as well as iPhone, as well as it worked so much much better on the iPhone. I couldn’t get it to scan properly on the iPad since my hands were as well shaky.

What does the app check?

The Petnostics app checks the complying with parameters, according to Chen:

leukocytes, nitrite, urobilinogen, protein, pH, blood, specific gravity, ketone, bilirubin and glucose.

From those parameters, Petnostics can determine if a pet potentially has specific illness or ailments, he said. results are shown instantly.

“Petnostics is a proactive method to method preventative healthcare with your pets by determining possible problems earlier on,” Chen said.

Some of the benefits to Petnostics:

1. It will motivate some pet owners to take pets to the vet more often.

2. It can determine early warning indications of prospective illness as well as save you money overall.

3. It’s less costly than a urinalysis at the vet (this will expense you a minimum of $50, particularly when you factor in the examination fee, etc.)

4. less stress for the pet.

How you can win a free Petnostics cup to test your pet’s health

*The winners have been notified.

We’re giving away a free urinalysis cup to two readers of ThatMutt.com.

There are two chances to win:

Opportunity #1: Leave a comment on this publish stating why you’d like to try the product for your dog or cat. I’ll select one champion at random on Friday. *Congrats, Rebekah!

Opportunity #2: All newsletter subscribers will have a separate chance to win. You can sign up for my regular newsletter below by entering your email address. *Congrats to Kristi as well as Luca!

What do you believe about the Petnostics app? Is this something you would utilize for your pets?

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